CASE STUDY: Hotel & Leisure - UKCW with MPBA and Netfloor - Stair Nosings

  • Hotel & Leisure - UKCW with MPBA and Netfloor - Stair Nosings

The Exhibition

UK Construction Week (UKCW) is the largest construction event in the UK. UKCW 2018 was held at the NEC in Birmingham from the 9th to the 11th of October. It had over 650 exhibitors and 35,000 construction professionals, along with award ceremonies, conferences and even a beer festival! The event is an opportunity for industry experts to advise other professionals on the newest technologies and practices. It also allows companies to display their innovative products and services to others in the sector.

Offsite Technologies

Offsite construction involves the manufacture of different aspects of a building away from the main site. These parts can then be brought to the construction site and added to the structure, as and when they are needed. This approach saves both time and money for contractors, as many facets of a structure can be created by different companies simultaneously. The Modular & Portable Building Association (MPBA) represents companies which are involved in the offsite construction industry. It promotes the use of offsite technologies and systems, and writes guidance documents and guidelines for the industry sector.

Q-Lean Solutions is part of the Quantum Profile Systems Ltd (QPSL) group, and a member of the MPBA. Q-Lean supplies the offsite industry with bespoke profiles for use in construction projects. The in-house tooling available to Q-Lean allows for the design and manufacture of various types of products for use in offsite construction. Q-Lean’s profiles are PVC, uPVC or wood composite extrusions. These can provide professional finishes for floorings, walls and ceilings, as well as windows and doors. The lean production techniques used in the manufacture of these profiles is perfect for the offsite industry, as Q-Lean’s profiles can be created in either large or small batches. This means that once the tools have been created, the profiles can be manufactured at short notice whenever needed by a construction project. The lean approach minimises waste and the need for storage space, creating value for Q-Lean’s customers.

The Stand

The MPBA had a stand at the UKCW 2018 exhibition. Keith Littler, the MD of Netfloor, was asked to help in the design of the stand. Netfloor is an award-winning and innovative company with a unique access flooring system and is also a member of the MPBA. Netfloor’s raised flooring system is specifically designed to conceal things such as cables and electrical boxes beneath the floor itself. When the Netfloor system has been laid and cabled, carpet tiles can be added to complete the installation. Netfloor concealed the electrical equipment needed for the MPBA’s stand, making it look neat and professional for the exhibition.

Keith contacted Q-Lean Solutions to supply the stand with stair nosings for use on the edges of the Netfloor system. Q-Lean recommended QR-HF1 stair nosings with polar grey tread. These unique heavy duty stair nosings are designed to be used with thick floorcoverings such as carpet or carpet tile. The patented all over tread design ensures that the profiles are slip-resistant from the front to the back edge of the stair nosings. This made the stand safer to access, while adding to the professional aesthetic.

Netfloor and Q-Lean use fully recycled and reusable materials, making their products perfect for temporary structures such as the MPBA’s stand. Q-Lean’s stair nosings complemented the sleek Netfloor base of the stand, with both companies embodying the ethos of the MPBA.