CASE STUDY: Tomlinson Parbans

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Established 160 years ago, Tomlinson Parbans are a timber and joinery company in Cheshire. They are a supplier to both the trade and public; their specialities include traditional sliding sash and casement windows.

Before Qwood they found that the timber beads they were using in their windows would occasionally become distorted, due to twisting, swelling and bowing of the timber.

On a fitted window this can cause an issue, leading to a return to site to repair the timber bead that when fitted was perfectly straight!


The first trial of Qwood proved very straightforward and successful as all the same tools and working methods as natural timber could be used.

Tomlinson Parbans began using Qwood in 2009, initially just employing a few parting and staff beads for their painted sash windows. Over the years they have utilised more Qwood beads in their windows and now use Qwood beads in all painted windows.

Tomlinson Parbans soon found that their investment in the use of Qwood gave them real benefit over traditional timber. Qwood does not rot, remains constantly straight and once fitted and painted looks just like timber.

Owing to the durability of Qwood, using Qwood beads mean Tomlinson Parbans can save time and offer enhanced quality windows to their customers with absolute confidence.


Tomlinson Parbans