CASE STUDY: Performance Doorset Solutions (PDS)

  • Performance Doorset Solutions (PDS)
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PDS are manufacturers of superior, purpose built residential and commercial door and window systems. Since its inception in 2003, the company has identified quality, service and value as cornerstones of its business. PDS has grown to become a major supplier to the UK construction sector and are often closely involved in the design and specification of the windows and door sets on projects.

While historically PDS would specify timber-framed windows, they often encountered problems due to the natural characteristics of wood. Chris Moon, Purchasing Director describes, “Timber is the only thing on the planet that is still alive when it’s dead.” Traditional beads would often move once they were in place, meaning that it did not perform to the high standards that are accepted of PDS’s windows.


Qwood was trialled in place of natural wood and PDS found the transition simple, employing all the same woodworking techniques when using the profiles. The response that PDS received to the new Qwood beads was excellent, with reports customers could not tell the difference from traditional wood once it was painted.

Qwood has excellent moisture resistance, minimal expansion and contraction when exposed to temperature changes and it does not rot. Helping to ensure peace of mind for PDS about the long-term stability.

Furthermore, PDS has found that Qwood offers a good value solution. Despite the initial purchasing cost being higher than that of traditional timber, the cost savings are significant due to not needing to return to site to repair windows.

All in all, for PDS, Qwood offers the complete package.