Qwood Updated Fitting Guidelines

22 February 2019
Qwood Updated Fitting Guidelines

Ref: Qwood Updated Fitting Guidelines

We are updating our Qwood fitting guides, with the intention of improving our products’ longevity.

The fitting guide for Qwood Push-on Glazing Beads and our Dry Glaze fitting guide have been updated. The aim of this is to help fitters to increase the service life of Qwood’s profiles, particularly in regard to profiles with dark colours, or colours with low Light Reflectance Values. We hope that these updated guides will clarify the best ways to install our profiles for optimal use. We have also updated Qwood’s product data sheet, which includes further information. The fitting guides apply to the following profiles:

  • •             QW-GB1                              Glazing bead
  • •             QW-GBC1                            Glazing bead fixing clip
  • •             QW-DB1                               Bottom drip bead
  • •             QW-DBC1                            Bottom drip bead fixing clip
  • •             QW-GB5 (SD1)                   Push-on glazing bead

If you require any further information about the updated fitting guides please contact us on 0161 627 4222, or at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support of Qwood.

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