Naturally Straight

17 July 2017
Naturally Straight

Qwood eliminates the issues of soft wood timber beads. They also save time and reduce waste. It is well known that the problems of soft-wood timber window beads and bars are that they are not always straight; they can twist, and invariably contain knots. Time must be spent inspecting the profiles for defects before application. Some waste is inevitable, even before a cut is made.  Qwood window beads and bars are straight. They aren’t twisted, and they never contain knots. The timber composite profiles are cut and fixed like ordinary timber, and the surface is ready for painting without the need for any surface preparation. Both large and small joiners can save time when using Qwood profiles. Less material waste and reduced labour time means extra bottom line profit. Qwood profiles don’t just help joiners save time and money in the workshop, post installation maintenance isn’t an issue as the beads are far more stable than timber. Use every single piece from the pack, free for defects, always to size, and knot free. Qwood window beads and bars overcome all the issues of soft-wood timber. Qwood, we are ready when you are.


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