20 September 2016

Continued innovation from QwoodTM – new clip-in Staff and Parting beads

QwoodTMare very proud to announce that their new clip-in Conservation range staff and parting beads have been nominated as a finalist in the Elements of Innovation award at the W16 show. This brand new sliding sash range of beads combines a unique blend of cutting edge technology with a classic, traditional appearance. Like all QwoodTM Conservation range beading, these two enhanced manufacturing solutions help to conserve and preserve the life of sliding sash windows, to the enhancement of the timber window industry.

These are just some of the key benefits of the QwoodTM clip-in beads:

  • The 20mm staff and 8mm parting beads are easy to install; simply cut your groove, fit the clip channel, and click your beads into place.

  • The long lasting, rot-free QwoodTM composite material conserves and prolongs sash window life.

  • The beads have a secure one-way removal system, meaning that any maintenance which is required can be easily done with no chance of damage to the either the window or the beading itself.

  • Due to the QwoodTM clip-in technology, there are no unsightly or troublesome pin holes to fill when your work is finished.

These new beads are part of the QwoodTM Conservation range, with integral draught proofing sealing channels. This range includes:

  • Internal bars: Ovolo and Lambs tongue bars.

  • External bars: putty line bar.

  • Staff beads: Standard and the new clip-in 20mm Qclik staff bead.

  • Parting beads: Standard and the new clip-in 8mm Qclik parting bead.

The unique QwoodTM Conservation clip-in staff and parting beads help to make the fabrication or repair of timber sash windows much faster, and more efficient. As an Independent Joiner told us: “Since I started using QwoodTM beads I haven’t had to do any remedial work on my windows post installation. Now I am able to move away from uPVC parting beads, which is great for my customers.” The new clip-in beads not only enhance the appearance of windows, but with less maintenance they are more durable, and weather the elements better than traditional timber beads.

QwoodTM beads are manufactured in the UK using proven composite technology, which along with their many other benefits means that QwoodTM beads are the only ones you need for timber windows! To order a QwoodTM ‘try me’ pack and see the advantages for yourself, email [email protected] or call 0161 627 4222. Alternatively, come to the QwoodTM exhibition at W16, which will be held at the NEC in Birmingham, and see the Elements of Innovation nominated clip-in beads in action.