Door Profiles

25 April 2016
Door Profiles

Qwood composite timber profiles can be integrated into doors to add beauty and enhance performance. The profiles can be used to secure the glazing in place whilst enabling an enhanced finish. Qwood composite beads, bars and moulds are replacing the use of traditional timber components to provide an improved solution that reduces labour, waste and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Enhanced Production and Processing of Doors

Qwood offers the industry a product that improves and enhances the flow of product through the joinery process. Consistently straight Qwood can be used with traditional joinery tools, its unique properties improve production with no knots or imperfections. Qwood can be:

» Cut, mitred, lap jointed just like timber

» Nailed and pinned just like timber

» Glued and taped just like timber

Qwood reduces processing and has a significant positive effect on production times, storage, sorting and waste.

Minimise Product Waste and Defects in Doors

The consistency of Qwood means waste can be drastically reduced as Qwood will not bow, splinter, swell, crack or rot. Therefore, only off-cuts will be left over, everything else will be fitted to your door. Qwood can also be supplied in a length that best suits your production, subject to quantities, thus helping to further reduce waste.

The Qwood door moulds is perfectly straight every time and with no knots our gaps to fill it makes for a better timber door. The new universal Qwood bolection decorative profile finish for doors is available in stock lengths to suit customer requirements [minimum quantities required] enabling an ease of working into panels by the manufacturer or fabricator. For a full product data sheet and samples contact Simon or Toni in the Qwood office on 0161 627 4222 or email them at [email protected].