Awards & Memberships

Awards & Memberships

The products of Quantum Profile Systems Ltd (QPSL) have been nominated for several awards. These include the Elements of Innovation award and the EEF Business Efficiency Award. 

  • <strong>EEF 2015 Business Innovation Awards</strong>

    EEF 2015 Business Innovation Awards

    EEF 2015 Business Innovation Awards. North West Regional runner-up in the Business Efficiency category with the QSMS app.

  • <strong>2016 & 2018 Elements of Innovation</strong>

    2016 & 2018 Elements of Innovation

    2016 & 2018 Elements of Innovation. Finalist with Qwood staff & parting beads and the Qwood rain deflector.

  • <strong>British Woodworking Federation </strong>

    British Woodworking Federation

    The BWF is a business support organisation. They offer advice, support and wood industry information to their 700 members as well as guidance for customers who use, or specify, our members\' products and services.

  • <strong>Wood Window Alliance</strong>

    Wood Window Alliance

    Not all wood windows are made to the same standards. That’s why the WWA was formed, to drive high standards in the timber window industry.