New Product: Glazing Beads to Suit Popular Door Blank Sizes

29 April 2020
New Product: Glazing Beads to Suit Popular Door Blank Sizes

QWood manufactures timber composite profiles for doors and windows. There are many advantages to using timber composite products with timber doors. They are always free of knots and imperfections, and will not rot. This makes them easy to maintain while still offering the appearance and feel of wood, both in the workshop and when fitted.

To add to its current product range, QWood has designed two new Glazing Beads for doors. These new profiles have been manufactured due to market trends for thicker timber and composite doors. Door panels offer better thermals in houses, leading to greater energy efficiency. These new Glazing Beads have been developed to perfectly fit with these increasing panel dimensions.

QWood’s existing Glazing Bead profile, QW-DGB1, fits great with standard 44mm panels but is not as well suited to thicker doors. The new QW-DGB2 profile is designed to fit a 54mm thickness, while the QW-DGB3 suits 58mm or 60mm panels. Each of these three profiles are manufactured to match the style of QWood’s beautiful Bolection Mould, ensuring great looking doors, whatever the panel size.

These new Door Glazing Beads offer more choice to QWood customers, allowing them to use superior timber composite profiles which can accommodate the majority of modern door panel dimensions. To request a sample of these new Glazing Beads, email [email protected].