New Product: Entrance Matting

08 May 2019
New Product: Entrance Matting

Quantum Flooring Solutions currently provide two types of Entrance Barrier Matting Systems. Our Quantum Grid Matting and Quantum Connect Matting are available with both textile and rubber inserts. Quantum Connect also gives the option of open or closed matting. Between them, these two systems cover a wide variety of preferences for entrance mattings. Due to the success of our matting systems, we are now increasing our range to offer even more choice.

We are introducing our new Quantum Flexible Modular Matting Systems. These mattings are available in 50cm sq. modules and a smaller 25cm sq. tiled version. The modular system makes the matting very cost-effective, as waste is minimised. The bases are simple to cut and shape for matwells of any dimensions. The integral lock-down assembly ensures that the modules remain safe and secure even in entrances with heavy footfall. The modules are also easily interchangeable and very quick to fit. This means that they can be swapped with each other to ensure even wear across the matting area.

The textile inserts in Quantum’s Flexible Modular Matting Systems are available in twelve different colours, to match any entrance environment. The bases are manufactured from non-PVC polymer and the modules are 100% recyclable. These new additions to our entrance matting range mean that Quantum Flooring Solutions is the only name you need to think of when it comes to matting systems.

You can contact your local Quantum Sales Manager to request a free QSMS measure for Quantum’s Flexible Modular Matting Systems. Alternatively, call Quantum directly on 0161 627 4222 to book.