Golden Ticket promotion 2020

05 January 2021
Golden Ticket promotion 2020

Quantum Flooring’s Golden Ticket promotion was a massive success again this year. To win, all our customers had to do was look out for tickets in boxes of Quantum’s PVC accessories. There were many great prizes up for grabs, with a draw for fitters, and an end of year Grand Prize draw for business owners.

All those won found a ticket automatically won a Quantum Flooring T-Shirt and a Wolff too. 

The following fitters won a sports shirt of their choice in the monthly draw:

  1. Peter – SA Marland Flooring
  2. David – Supreme Finish Contracts
  3. Roland – Flooring Co.
  4. Hannah – Barrett and Hughes
  5. Wayne – Wayne Sayer Carpets
  6. M – SJS Flooring
  7. Phillip – Riding Floors
  8. Dave – Hillside Contracts
  9. Ross – Maurice Blackman 
  10. Melvin – Floorform 
  11. Andrew – Innov8 Flooring 

In the Grand Prize draw for business owners, the following people won £120 in high street vouchers:

  1. Floorform 
  2. On All Floors 
  3. Wayne Sayer Carpets 
  4. Impact Gym Flooring 
  5. Supreme Finish Contracts 
  6. Brad Tranter Flooring Contracts
  7. Brian Plant Carpet & Flooring ltd 
  8. MCP Flooring
  9. Proctor Flooring 
  10. Barrett & Hughes
  11. B&D Flooring 
  12. SA Marland Flooring 
  13. Riding Floors 
  14. Floorever Flooring 


Along with these draw winners, every single fitter who found a Golden Ticket won an instant prize. They had a choice from a selection of top-of-the-range fitting tools.

Platinum Tickets were also introduced into Quantum accessories boxes this year.  3 of these were found in 2020. All 3 Platinum Tickets won a family trip to a theme park for the business owner.

Congratulations to everyone who won a prize this year. Look out for Quantum’s Golden Ticket promotion in 2021, when there will be lots more fantastic prizes to be won.