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  • Virtual Learning: RIBA CPD Points From Your Desk Image

    Virtual Learning: RIBA CPD Points From Your Desk

    We are delivering our RIBA CPDs live over three free to attend web sessions. Book your attendance today, and attend as many as you like. RIBA CPD certificates will be sent out to all attendees via email after the CPD series has been completed. All CPDs are RIBA Core Curriculum.

  • Innovation Awards Gold Winner Image

    Innovation Awards Gold Winner

    Quantum Flooring is delighted to announce that its TopClip transitions range has been chosen as a Gold winner in the The National Flooring Innovation Awards 2020. The award was in the ‘Installation’ category.

  • COVID: Business as Usual Image

    COVID: Business as Usual

    Following the Government’s announcement that England will enter another Lockdown on the 5th of November, here at Quantum Profile Systems we wanted to let you know we will remain open and continue to monitor the situation.

  • BIM: Stair Nosings BIM Objects Image

    BIM: Stair Nosings BIM Objects

    Quantum Flooring tries to help make building planning and specifying as straightforward as possible. With this in mind, it has published two new BIM models.

  • Awards: Flooring Innovation Awards Image

    Awards: Flooring Innovation Awards

    The National Flooring Innovation Awards celebrates invention and creativity in the UK flooring industry. Leading experts from throughout the industry serve on the judging panel, picking winners in 10 categories. The independent awards scheme was launched by The Stocklists magazine in 2018, and is well respected for its recognition of companies which show initiative.

  • New Product: Recessed Stair Nosing Image

    New Product: Recessed Stair Nosing

    Quantum Flooring Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new recessed heavy duty stair nosing. This high performance profile has been developed to be fitted on staircases for commercial and public buildings where a recessed stair nosing is required.

  • New Product: The Next Evolution in Stair Nosing Design for Specification Image

    New Product: The Next Evolution in Stair Nosing Design for Specification

    Quantum Flooring is pleasured to announce the release of our new innovative Stair Nosings. Our new Stair Nosings measure 55 by 55mm for the tread and the riser. This complies with parts M and K of Building Regulations. Like all of Quantum’s Q-Range Stair Nosings they have an all-over tread design. This helps to reduce the risk of slips on stairways.

  • Fundraising: Charity Presentation Image

    Fundraising: Charity Presentation

    In these trying times, lots of businesses are struggling. This also extends into the charity sector. Companies and individuals have less disposable income than normal, which has lead to fewer donations. As a result, many charities are striving to do their important work in the community with fewer resources.

  • New Product: EcoGlo Stair Nosings Image

    New Product: EcoGlo Stair Nosings

    EcoGlo is Quantum’s innovative solution to stair safety. It is a unique photoluminescent tread material which can be used with most Quantum stair nosings. Ecoglo illuminates step edges in reduced light, aiding safety in cases of emergency. It is also extremely useful for low-light venues, such as cinemas or theatres, and is available in a range of colours and styles.

  • Events: Flooring Shows 2021 Image

    Events: Flooring Shows 2021

    Harrogate Flooring Show is the largest flooring industry event in the UK. 2020’s show was postponed, and due to this there will now be two events in 2021. The first show will be held at the Yorkshire Event Centre between the 28th of February and the 2nd of March. The second show will take place at the Harrogate Convention Centre from the 19th to the 21st of September.

  • New RIBA CPD - Flooring Detailing Image

    New RIBA CPD - Flooring Detailing

    Quantum Flooring Solutions is a leader in the contract flooring accessories market. This position enables us to innovate in manufacturing, while also exploring the possibilities of industry practice within the guidelines of Building Regulations and British Standards.



    As promised we’re doing it again! Yes, Quantum Flooring Solutions are running a Fantasy Football League competition for the upcoming 2020/21 Premier League season, and as usual , there is a great prize up for grabs!

  • Fundraising with C&F Image

    Fundraising with C&F

    The past few months have been tough for everyone. Businesses and individuals are struggling for money, which has had a knock-on effect on charities. That is why, in these hard times, it’s more important than ever to give something back to society, in whatever way we can.

  • Offsite Expo 2021 Image

    Offsite Expo 2021

    Offsite Expo 2020 is being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 22nd and 23rd of September. This event involves companies which are on the cutting edge of offsite manufacturing, on both the construction and the supply sides.

  • Irish Building Guidance and stairways Image

    Irish Building Guidance and stairways

    A Stair Nosing is a profile which is attached to the front edge, or nose, of steps on a stairway.

  • FREE Covid-19 Signage Image

    FREE Covid-19 Signage

    We have created a range of signage for usage around our head office and factory. We think our new signage is pretty good and covers everything you might need a sign for in order for managing Covid-19 (sign wise) in the work place. We have therefore decided to make all of these sign free to download for usage in other places of work.

  • Golden Ticket 2020 Q2-Q4 Image

    Golden Ticket 2020 Q2-Q4

    Quantum Flooring Solutions’ Golden Ticket Promotion was a great success again last year, so we’re bringing it back for 2020.

  • Quantum Flooring Update and Site Measures Image

    Quantum Flooring Update and Site Measures

    We appreciate that we are living through unprecedented times. As a leading independent British manufacturer, who have been continually manufacturing in the UK for over 50 years, I wanted to get in touch to let you know just some of the ways that we can support your business and your safe return to work. We are now fully open, with our complete range of products and services available.

  • Quantum Flooring Mobile App Image

    Quantum Flooring Mobile App

    All the benefits of the Quantum Flooring website on your phone - product information, samples, site support.

  • COVID-19 (Updated 27.3) Image

    COVID-19 (Updated 27.3)

    Quantum Profile Systems Ltd are taking a sensible approach to managing the risk to employees and visitors posed by Coronavirus.

  • Entrance Matting Guide 2020 Image

    Entrance Matting Guide 2020

    Quantum Flooring Solutions are releasing a new Entrance Matting specification guide. This document offers a simple explanation of the matting that Quantum offers, along with a clear pricing structure. It outlines all of the classic Quantum Matting Systems, along with some brand new models.

  • Antimicrobial PVC Skirting Image

    Antimicrobial PVC Skirting

    Antimicrobial PVC inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. It is created by blending or coating normal PVC with other materials which are known to be resistant to bug and virus growth. This material often involves silver, which has well-documented antimicrobial properties. It prevents bacteria from settling and growing as it may on normal surfaces.

  • Specification Afternoon & Beer Festival Image

    Specification Afternoon & Beer Festival

    QPSL is delighted to announce that we will be hosting an afternoon of Building Product Specification CPD, a RIBA accredited LEAN factory tour along with an evening food and drink festival, on Thursday 16th July 2020. We are holding the event at Quantum’s headquarters in Oldham, in partnership with the Manchester Society of Architects. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to:

  • Increased Transport Fleet to Keep Up with Demand Image

    Increased Transport Fleet to Keep Up with Demand

    Quantum Profile Systems Ltd. is the home of Quantum Flooring Solutions, Dacatie, QWood and QLean Solutions. All of these businesses manufacture and distribute their products from the QPSL factory and Head Office in Royston, Oldham.

  • New Product Round Up Image

    New Product Round Up

    TopClip is Quantum Flooring Solution’s Transition Profile range. The four clip-in profiles which make up TopClip provide safe junctions between practically every mix of adjacent floorcoverings. This is down to the unique design and manufacturing techniques which have gone into the creation of TopClip.

  • Training Schools Image

    Training Schools

    At Quantum Flooring Solutions we are always looking to the future. This is the case for our company practices, but it also involves encouraging flooring installers in their training. As part of this commitment to students of the industry, we supply materials to training centres to assist in the education of future flooring professionals.

  • UKCW2019 Image


    Our installation was designed to represent the path to good mental health. This journey always begins with the first step. That step could be speaking to a friend, seeking help from a professional, or simply acknowledging a problem.

  • New Product: Slimline Capping Image

    New Product: Slimline Capping

    At Quantum Flooring Solutions we aim to constantly review our products, and to enhance them when we can. This enables improvements in design, for reasons such as aesthetics, or ease of use for fitters.

  • New Product: TopClip Transitions Image

    New Product: TopClip Transitions

    Quantum Flooring Solutions has made big changes to its transitions range: Topclip is the evolution of an already great design.

  • UK Slip Resistance Group Image

    UK Slip Resistance Group

    Over 40% of all reported injuries in public are down to slips and trips, with slips accounting for over 25% of non-fatal work-based injuries. This costs employers over £500m a year. The UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) aim to “promote a greater understanding of the causes and prevention of slips”.