New Product: Z-Range Long Drop Stair Nosings

03 August 2021
New Product: Z-Range Long Drop Stair Nosings

Quantum Flooring Solutions is delighted to announce that it has released two new profiles which follow current best practice guidelines. These new Stair Nosings are an addition to the popular Z-Range. They have been designed to adhere to the 55 x 55mm tread and riser recommendations in Building Regs, BS8300:2:2018 and The Equality Act.

The ZF-153R can be fitted on flat fronted steps, while the ZR-153R is for rake back stairs. They both have ramped backs, to suit floors with a thin or no floorcovering. This makes the Stair Nosings suitable for buildings such as schools and hospitals which have low gauge floorcoverings.

These profiles offer a cost-effective way to follow stairway specification recommendations. The carriers are made from mill finished aluminium, and there is a massive range of 34 colour options. This includes Quantum’s Ecoglo and Plus-Tread infills, making the Stair Nosings suitable for internal or external installation.

The new Z-Range long drop Stair Nosings are the perfect solution to comply with Building Regs, The Equality Act, and BS8300:2 guidelines. To request a sample, email [email protected] or call 0161 627 4222.