14 October 2019

Mind Your Head is a new national campaign to promote mental wellbeing. It is specifically aimed at men in the construction industry. As such, it aims to be straight-talking and accessible. Mind Your Head launched at UK Construction Week 2019 in October.

The launch took the form of an exhibition called Material Support, featuring artworks made by different companies out of building materials and manufacturers’ products. The exhibition aimed to raise awareness around mental health issues and reduce the stigma around men in the industry seeking help for any personal hardships they are facing.

Quantum Flooring Solutions was very proud to be one of the companies which supported the launch of Mind Your Head. Our installation for the Material Support exhibition was called One Step At A Time. Quantum’s installation was designed to represent the path to good mental health. The idea behind the piece is that a journey always starts with the first step, and so taking things one step at a time can help to make the road to mental wellbeing more manageable.

Quantum was thankful for the opportunity to take part in the launch of the Mind Your Head campaign. We hope to be involved in this important movement in the future and we will continue to support it in any way we can.