UK Slip Resistance Group

04 October 2019
UK Slip Resistance Group

Over 40% of all reported injuries in public are down to slips and trips, with slips accounting for over 25% of non-fatal work-based injuries. This costs employers over £500m a year. The UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) aim to “promote a greater understanding of the causes and prevention of slips”. UKSRG members are made up of professionals from a range of disciplines. They are committed to leading the industry when needed, while improving safety all round by imparting their expertise. They are also heavily involved in cutting edge research, with the goal of minimising injuries in the workplace and beyond.

The UKSRG allows specifiers to speak directly to its members if they have questions about any aspect of flooring. This could be about subjects from cleaning regimes and maintenance, to understanding manufacturers tests and avoiding litigation. UKSRG members can offer expert advice on the correct specifications to meet performance requirements, without compromising on aesthetics.

Quantum Flooring Solutions is proud to have two employees who are UKSRG members, following our ethos of supporting the flooring industry. Dr Diane Luther is Quantum’s Product Manager, and Tim Hayes is our Marketing Manager. They are both happy to offer their help and guidance to those who need it. As part of Quantum’s close relationship with the UKSRG, Diane and Tim helped to develop a document for its website called What Makes Stairs Safer?.

Stairs are a major area where slips can occur. Knowing this, the UKSRG commissioned a document to offer guidelines on the important things which need to be considered when specifying for staircases. ‘What Makes Stairs Safer?’ concentrates on the five key aspects of stair safety: Step Dimensions, Stair Nosings, Handrails, Lighting, and Maintenance. The document outlines the main aspects of these features, with helpful pictorial and illustrated examples. It is purposefully succinct, concentrating on the major points of interest, but it also has many helpful links to other sources for further reading of more in-depth analysis.

Quantum looks forward to working closely with the UKSRG in the future and helping to make buildings safer for everybody.

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