Training Schools

17 December 2019
Training Schools

At Quantum Flooring Solutions we are always looking to the future. This is the case for our company practices, but it also involves encouraging flooring installers in their training. As part of this commitment to students of the industry, we supply materials to training centres to assist in the education of future flooring professionals.


Quantum distributes to numerous training schools, from colleges to those involved in prison rehabilitation. In all, Quantum contribute to the education of pupils at 7 training centres. Some of these, such as Floorskills Training Centre in Solihull, specifically train students as flooring installers. Their teaching is done in their own 8000 square-foot dedicated flooring training area. This makes Floorskills Europe’s largest independent training centre.


Quantum also supplies materials to companies such as Construction and Plant Assessments Ltd (CPA), who cover all areas of the construction industry. CPA sub-contract to colleges and apprenticeship schemes around the Yorkshire area. These type of companies ensure that Quantum’s materials reach a large range of learners.


Training for skilled employment is always vital, but it is especially important in uncertain times. With low employment figures and zero hour contracts, a path into work such as in the flooring industry can provide stability and assurance. Work will always be available to those with the necessary skill-sets, and high quality training is an integral part of this.

At Quantum, we believe in doing our utmost to fulfil potential wherever we see it. Through this link to the people who are the future of our industry, our aim is to help in maintaining the high standards of flooring installation in the UK.