RIAI CPD Network

15 August 2018
RIAI CPD Network


Stair nosings contribute to safety on stairs. This concise CPD from Quantum Profile Systems outlines the key features and legal guidelines that apply to good stair nosing specification.

The CPD takes the participant through the background to stair nosing function and design. Then introduces the Building Regulation and Irish Health and Safety Authority guidelines which affect their application in buildings with public access. It concludes with essential points about how stair nosings play an important part in stairway safety.


According to the HSA every working day in Ireland someone is hurt due to a slip (overstep), trip or fall (STF) on stairs and steps at work. These types of accident occur mainly in descent. This CPD covers how the elements of step dimensions, lighting, handrails and good stair nosings can combine to make a stairway as safe as possible. Correctly specified, they can reduce the risk of this daily statistic.

The CPD continues with examples of good and bad practice. This helps achieve the learning objectives of what a stair nosing is for, how the regulatory guidelines determine their use and finally how to specify the right one.

The patented Q-Range of stair nosings from Quantum Flooring Solutions offers specifiers an innovative solution to improved stair safety. For more information and to book the “Step on it!” CPD contact [email protected]