Q-Range DUO Stair Nosings

04 March 2021
Q-Range DUO Stair Nosings

Q-Range DUO by Quantum Flooring Solutions

Quantum Flooring Solutions is the leading independent Stair Nosing and Flooring Accessories manufacturer in the UK. The company has won numerous awards for its unique and ground-breaking product design. Quantum’s most recent success has been the creation of Q-Range DUO Stair Nosings, which marks a new evolution in specification.

Q-Range DUO measures 55 by 55mm on the tread and riser. It offers a solid colour over each surface, making it perfect for both easy visibility of step edges, and for design purposes. It is available in 25 colours, with LRVs between 6 and 81, allowing for amazing flexibility with floorcovering LRVs.

Quantum’s new Stair Nosing has an all-over tread design, so there is no part of the aluminium carrier which exceeds the cover of the slip resistant tread material. It provides a grippable surface all the way from the front to the back edge of the stair nosing.

Q-Range DUO is Quantum’s most innovative Stair Nosing to date. It is fully compliant with all current best practice recommendations in BS8300:2:2018, The Equality Act, and parts M and K of Building Regulations. This makes it the ideal choice for specification in public building projects.


Q-Range DUO in Hadrian’s Tower

Standing at 82 metres high, Hadrian’s Tower is the tallest building in Newcastle. The 26 storey residential skyscraper incorporates a champagne lounge and a coffee house, along with 162 luxury apartments.

Monument Flooring, the flooring contractor for the Hadrian’s Tower project, proposed Q-Range DUO as the ideal Stair Nosing for the high end development. Once the architect and the client had seen Quantum’s Stair Nosing, they knew it was the right decision.

The choice was made to use Qrd-SF153r, which has a ramped back to help prevent trips and falls when matched with the low gauge floorcovering in Hadrian’s Tower. Two other variations are available in the DUO range, so there are versions which will fit with practically any floorcovering.

A black tread and riser was used with Q-Range DUO in Hadrian’s Tower. The solid colour contrasts with the light floorcovering, ensuring that the step edges are clearly defined, and adhering to The Equality Act. It also looks great on the staircases, fitting in perfectly with the building’s sophisticated décor.

Q-Range DUO is a specifiers dream, offering all of the safety that best practice guidelines suggest, with the opportunity for a uniform colour on both the tread and riser. With Q-Range DUO, the aesthetic and the practical combine.

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