New Products: Transition Profiles

08 May 2019
New Products: Transition Profiles

Quantum Flooring Solutions Transition Profiles

Quantum Flooring Solutions is constantly reviewing its product portfolio. This allows products to be created or improved upon when necessary. Through this process, products can be manufactured and adapted in order to keep up with current needs and industry standards. Quantum’s range of transition profiles has recently been updated to reflect the nature of an ever-changing industry.

Dementia Strips

The specification of dementia friendly flooring transition profiles has become an integral part of interior design considerations in care homes, and places where people living with dementia may reside.

Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) of flooring materials are used to measure the colour contrast differences between different products. It is recommended that junctions and adjacent floorcoverings in dementia friendly environments should have an LRV difference of between 0 and 10 at most. The three products – the two floorcoverings and a transition profile – should ideally have the lowest LRV difference possible.

Quantum has developed a new uPVC transition profile which comes in a choice of 14 different calming colours. These give specifiers and flooring contractors the options they need to select a safe and suitable transition profile between floorcovering joints and achieve very low LRV differences at the same time.


Quantum’s main transition profiles for safe junctions between floorcoverings are now known as TopClip – the evolution of a great design. The new TopClip range has four clip-in transition profiles that are easily fitted onto Quantum’s renowned base technology.

The transition tops have extra teeth, which allows them to be clipped onto the bases at three different heights. This upgrade to TopClip transitions means that Quantum’s profiles can now be used to form a clean and safe junction between practically any variation of different floorcoverings. All TopClip profiles can be fitted onto all of Quantum’s uPVC and aluminium transition bases.

The material used for the new transition tops is proven to be slip-resistant and hardwearing. A more streamlined, clean design finish with flatter tops lessens the chance of trips. Plus, improvements in production techniques make TopClip profiles more durable than ever. Quantum’s profiles are still quick and easy to fit, with the high impact clip ensuring peace of mind for the installer.

TopClip has an expanded colour range, with 23 colour profiles now available for the transitions. With the growing importance of dementia friendly areas this offers flooring contractors greater flexibility.

LVT Transitions

Quantum’s Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) transition profiles are suitable for covering and protecting joins between floorcoverings. They can also be used as transitions between two vinyl floorcoverings or two different types of floorcoverings, generally vinyl to carpet.

The bases for these LVT transitions come in three finishes: gold polished, silver polished, and anodised satin silver. A 30mm wide LVT strip fits into the base. The profiles can be fitted with secret fixing, so there are no screw holes to worry about. They can also be fitted using Quantum’s new Q-Fix cartridge adhesive, with a strong and durable bond. Q-Fix can fully replace mechanical fixing, saving time and money.

Quantum Flooring Solutions’ LVT transitions can be used with resilient floorcoverings, carpets and carpet tiles to prevent worn and frayed edges from becoming a trip hazard. They are suitable for use to aid safety in all public buildings such as hospitals, schools and hotels.