More BIM Models

18 March 2019
More BIM Models

New Stair Nosing BIM Models

Quantum Flooring Solutions is making the full range of its aluminium Q-Range Stair Nosing profiles available to download on Bimstore. Q-Range profiles have a patented all-over tread design, so the stair nosings have a large slip-resistant area all the way to the step edge. They also have scratch resistant satin etched aluminium risers, which reduce glare. These features help Q-Range profiles to meet guidelines for current Building Regulations and British Standards for buildings with public access.

There are 27 stair nosing profiles in the Q-Range, covering all riser shapes and allowing use with practically any type of floorcovering. The treads are available in 23 different colours, including a photoluminescent option. Some Q-Range profiles are also available with a uPVC carrier in 14 different colours. A major advantage of the uPVC Q-Range Stair Nosings is that risers can be matched with tread colours to give the stair nosings a continuous band of the same colour.

Quantum strives to be at the forefront of innovative technology. This informs the way it designs and manufactures profiles, and drives its involvement in cutting-edge modelling techniques such as BIM. Quantum fully intends to continue to embrace new technology in order to offer choice and flexibility throughout its product ranges.

Quantum Flooring Solution’s Q-Range Stair Nosing BIM profiles can be viewed and downloaded here on Bimstore. 

Information on BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves creating 3D digital representations of all aspects of a construction project. BIM enables people working on all parts of the project to understand what the building will look like throughout the design and construction processes. Information can be shared and managed by all parties through detailed modelling of the structure.

Bimstore is a website which allows those involved in the design of construction projects to download 3D BIM models of products from different companies. These models can then be combined to create larger models of buildings from top to bottom. Through this resource, users can explore which products would suit the construction that they are working on. Bimstore also has product data from many leading manufacturers, allowing for detailed planning of prospective projects. It is completely free to view and download product files from Bimstore, with costs covered by manufacturers.