Awards: Flooring Innovation Awards

29 October 2020
Awards: Flooring Innovation Awards

The National Flooring Innovation Awards celebrates invention and creativity in the UK flooring industry. Leading experts from throughout the industry serve on the judging panel, picking winners in 10 categories. The independent awards scheme was launched by The Stocklists magazine in 2018, and is well respected for its recognition of companies which show initiative.

Quantum Flooring Solutions is proud to announce that its TopClip transitions range has won a National Flooring Innovation Award 2020. The award was won in the ‘Installation’ category. TopClip was designed as the evolution of Quantum’s transitions range.

Quantum is a company which always seeks to innovate. Its product design team is constantly reviewing its profiles, listening to customer feedback, and looking for potential areas of improvement. For TopClip, the major innovation was in adding extra ‘teeth’ to the new transition tops, so they can be clipped in at three different levels. This allows them to be pushed into the base until they are flush against any floorcovering.

TopClip has four different transition tops in the range. This allows for safe transitions between practically any variation of floorcoverings. The range is available in 25 colours, making them great for dementia friendly design. The slip resistant, hard wearing material ensures a safe and secure junction, with a streamlined and clean design finish.

Tim Hayes, Quantum’s Marketing Manager, said: “We are delighted to win this award. It makes us proud to be recognised for our innovation. Quantum’s unique approach to product design and manufacture ensures that we stay at the forefront of technology in the flooring industry.”