CASE STUDY: The Gallery, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell

  • The Gallery, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell

The Gallery, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell

The Challenge

The Gallery in Clerkenwell, London, acts as a showcase for a collective of international commercial interior companies. The building offers the opportunity for the companies involved to demonstrate their products as they would look in situ.

The Gallery had a staircase with metal checker plate steps. As part of making the venue safer, the stairs needed to follow the guidelines in Building Regulations parts K and M, and BS830-2:2018. This meant fitting stair nosings onto the metal stairs.

The stair nosings should ideally have a tread and riser of 55 by 55mm. The tread and riser should be the same colour, to clearly define the step edge for those both ascending and descending the stairs. Finally, the stair nosings should aid as much as possible in minimising slips, trips, and falls.

The Solution

The Gallery got in touch with Quantum Flooring about fitting the stair nosings. Quantum recommended using Q-Range DUO, fitted with Q-Fix adhesive so that there would be no need to drill into the metal steps.

Q-Range DUO was the ideal choice, as it is designed specifically to adhere to Building Regulations parts K and M, BS8300:2-2018, and The Equality Act. It has a tread and riser of 55mm each, with both surfaces accommodating tread material. This means that Q-Range DUO can have a solid colour across all of the visible surfaces of the profile.

The tread is slip resistant, and has an all-over design, meaning it covers the tread area from front to back. In this project, the Q-Range DUO profile QRd-SF153R was fitted. This stair nosing has a ramped back, which was suitable as the staircase had no floorcovering.

The Outcome

The Q-Range DUO stair nosings look great in The Gallery. They fit in perfectly with the high-class interiors on show. Polar grey tread colour was used, which contrasts well with the black checker plate staircase with an LRV difference of over 30 points. With Q-Range DUO’s tread and riser material, the step edges are clearly defined.

The stair nosings were fitted with Q-Fix adhesive. Q-Fix has excellent adhesion properties, ensuring a strong bond between the metal steps and the stair nosings. This also means that no screws or plugs are necessary. Q-Range DUO has no dirt traps, and the use of Q-Fix helps to make the stair nosings even more simple to clean and maintain.

The people at The Gallery are delighted with the new stair nosings. The fitting of Q-Range DUO on the main stairs at the back of The Gallery is ideal for the venue. The stair nosings are in keeping with the design ethos, while enhancing the safety of all staff and visitors.


The Gallery in Clerkenwell