CASE STUDY: Retail - Ashbourn - Stair Nosing

  • Retail - Ashbourn - Stair Nosing

Quantum’s curved Stair Nosings are a cut above!

Sally Montague Town Spa, Salon and Studio – St John Street, Ashbourne. 

The Challenge

The Sally Montague Hair Group has been in business for 35 years, and runs six luxury hair salons and spas across Derbyshire. The Ashbourne salon is one of the largest developments of its kind in the UK and has been in the planning and design stages for eight years. It is designed around a central concrete staircase.

JWB Flooring were hired as the flooring contractor for the creation of this brand new salon. As part of its work for the salon, JWB Flooring needed to provide stair nosings for the central spiral staircase which links the two floors of the interior, and a second staircase. As each staircase had different floor finishes and step shapes, two completely different stair nosing profiles would be needed. To make this job even harder, the landing at the top of the staircase also required two curved stair nosings around its edges. All of the stair nosings would need to meet Building Regulations standards, in terms of LRV differences and Health and Safety guidelines.

The Solution

JWB Flooring got in touch with Quantum Flooring Solutions and asked for the free QSMS measuring service. Within 24 hours Shaun, a surveyor for Quantum Flooring Solutions, visited the site. He measured up all of the steps electronically, and the QSMS system automatically relayed these measurements to Quantum Flooring Solutions, JWB Flooring and a local distributor. He also made a template of the curves on the salon’s landing, and these measurements were sent back to the Quantum Flooring Solutions in-house welding team. These highly skilled specialists use techniques such as welding and panel beating to create bespoke curved stair nosings to the exact shape of the templates. Shaun suggested that Quantum’s SF125R should be used for the central staircase and the landing curves to accommodate the flat fronted steps. For the second staircase, he recommended Quantum’s ZB136R, as the profile has bull nose fronts. Both of these profiles have ramped backs, to minimise trips on staircases with either thin floorcovering or none at all. Light grey treads were inserted into both profiles. These are not only slip resistant like all of Quantum’s tread materials, they also provided the necessary LRV difference of 30 between the tread and the floorings.

The Outcome

Quantum’s Stair Nosings were fitted onto the staircases and the curved landing edges. The light grey treads give a clear contrast to the step edges to aid the safe movement of customers and staff. The ramped backs of the profiles and the slip resistant treads mean that the chances of trips, slips or falls are minimised. The SF125R stair nosings on the public central staircase and the landing edge look extremely professional and fit in perfectly with the ultra-modern theme of the salon.

JWB Flooring knew that Quantum Flooring Solutions had the experience and the expertise to rise to the challenge of the requirements for the Ashbourne salon. Sally Montague and her team have the perfect stair nosings to complement their chic and stylish new venture.


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