Updated 12.10.20

QPSL is a COVID secure site. QPSL has undertaken a full Covid-19 risk assessment all employees have been trained and inducted in maintaining a COVID-19 safe and secure working environment.  

Creating Covid-19 Secure Working Environment:

  • 1. Covid-19 risk assessment undertaken with regular reviews in line with current Government guidelines.
  • 2. Covid-19 signage and information displayed across the company. 
  • 3. We have implemented Social Distancing controls to ensure a Covid working environment in all areas of the company.
  • 4. Hygiene routines and increased cleaning schedules have been implemented for factory and offices.
  • 5. Increased hand washing routines implemented as per current Government guidelines.
  • 6. Hand sanitiser stations are available across the company and personal sanitiser bottles have been provided for all employees.
  • 7. Personal Protective Equipment is available when required and on employee request.
  • 8. We are working from home wherever possible and video meetings are in place to reduce face to face contact.
  • 9. Regular temperature checks on employees and site visitor restrictions are in place.
  • 10. Support, training for all employees and their families.