Spotlight on Offsite

20 December 2018
Spotlight on Offsite

‘Spotlight on Offsite’ Conference and Exhibition

Offsite construction involves the design, planning, fabrication and assembly of different elements of buildings in different locations. Using this methodology, different parts of buildings can be manufactured to order by specialist companies. These component parts can then be brought to the main construction site and added to the buildings when needed.

An increasing number of companies are realising the advantages of the offsite approach over traditional building practices in both cost and efficiency. Q-Lean Solutions views offsite construction as a growing marketplace and the ideal industry for our company to be involved with.

The Spotlight on Offsite conference and exhibition was held at the NCC in Birmingham on 4th December 2018. It was organised by the team behind the Offsite Hub website and Offsite Magazine. The conference featured talks from some of the leading experts in offsite construction. Q-Lean had a stall at the exhibition, so we had a fantastic opportunity to talk to the many clients, construction professionals and suppliers who are ready to embrace the offsite construction industry.

Q-Lean Solutions has created bespoke extruded profiles for the offsite industry for a number of years. We have complete in-house tooling and design capabilities, which means we can develop PVC, uPVC and WPC profiles according to the specific needs of each customer. This puts Q-Lean in the ideal position to build on our ethos of developing long-term partnerships with our customers in offsite construction.

Spotlight on Offsite was a great success for Q-Lean in helping to build on our relationships with others in the industry. This excellent event will surely, like offsite construction itself, only grow ever more important in the future.