Deal Done

06 December 2016
Deal Done


DACATIE Insulated Cavity Closers… DEAL DONE!

IBC has developed further the partnership with the leading manufacturer of Insulated Cavity Closers. Dacatie Building Solutions is the British manufacturer and supplier of the original range of Insulated Cavity Closers for the UK construction market. Fully BBA approved, the Dacatie range assures contractors that they can achieve Building Regulation compliance when closing off cavities around window and door reveals.

Over 40 years of experience have helped the development and design of a complete range of insulated cavity closers to suit every reveal closing requirement: *

• Economic insulated closers for first or second fix installations that are easy to install
• Standard and fire rated closers for cavities between 50 and 160mm
• Frame formers that help contractors save time on site
• Dacatie insulated DPCs and acoustic fire stops are also available

All Dacatie cavity closers have insulation rated zero for GWP and ODP. BBA certification confirms weather ratings of severe for flush fitting, and very severe in check reveal situations.

Every IBC member benefits from the Dacatie deal.

• No need to hold large stocks. The Dacatie Building Solutions service is LEAN. ‘Order what you want when you want it!’
• Certification. All Dacatie products are BBA certified so contractors will be assured that their work will meet Building Regulations requirements.
• Brand. The Dacatie brand is well established – service and quality are the key.
• Rebate. Good margin opportunities go hand in hand with the benefits. Details of an additional support package will follow soon in the New Year, but in the meantime contact Dacatie customer support on 0161 627 4222 for more information.

*See for full product details.