Dacatie Part L Compliance

24 April 2014
Dacatie Part L Compliance

Dacatie Building Solutions confirm that their Insulated Cavity Closers meet the requirements of the current Building Regulations Part L with the changes active from the 06. April 2014 covering the UK.

BUILDING REGULATIONS – 2010 and updated/amended April 2014
Dacatie Building Solutions confirm that their Insulated Cavity Closers (correctly installed) meet the
requirements of the current (2014 amended) Building Regulations covering the UK. These
attributes are supported by the independent verification contained in the Dacatie product sheets
covered by the BBA Certificate 98/3474.
The basic requirements for Insulated Cavity Closers are that:
Hygrothermal behaviour Part L1 (a) (i) — the products meet and exceed the minimum thermal
resistance path of 0.45 m2•K•W–1 as required by the Accredited Construction Details (version
1.0). Default values of (psi) in BRE Information Paper IP 1/06 may be used for jamb and sill
junctions in SAP or SBEM calculations.
Weather resistance Part C2 (b & c)— the products are effective as a damp-proof barrier and, when
used in a suitable wall construction, will resist the passage of water into the interior of the building
in flush and check reveal installations.
Structural stability — in terms of wind loading resistance, the products can be used in all areas of
the UK.
Properties in relation to fire : Part B3(4) — the products will not contribute significantly to the
growth of a fire, and in the case of Dacatie fire rated Insulated Cavity Closers the products can
constitute a cavity barrier.
Durability — the cavity closer profiles, protected within the cavity, will continue to function for the
normal expected life of a building.
Specifically the products contribute to maintaining continuity of thermal insulation at jambs and
sills in wall reveals, and heat loss rates using default values of (psi) in BRE Information Paper IP
1/06, Table 3, may be used in carbon emission (CO2) calculations for new buildings. Attention must
be given to the correct window set-back (30mm) in order to ensure compliance with these
requirements. Detailed guidance on limiting heat loss and air infiltration can be found in:
 England and Wales — Approved Documents to Part L and, for new thermal elements to existing
buildings, Accredited Construction Details (version 1.0). See also SAP 2009 Appendix K and the
iSBEM User Manual for new-build.
 Scotland — Accredited Construction Details (Scotland)
 Northern Ireland — Accredited Construction Details (version 1.0).
When correctly installed in window or door reveals, Dacatie Insulated Cavity Closers will meet or
contribute towards meeting the relevant current Building Regulations applicable in England and
Wales, also those in Scotland and those applicable in Northern Ireland.
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