CASE STUDY: Hotel and Leisure - Sheiks Nightclub - Stair Nosings

  • Hotel and Leisure - Sheiks Nightclub - Stair Nosings


Sheiks is a popular nightclub on the pier in the seaside resort of Bognor Regis on the South Coast which underwent a rebrand and refurbishment in 2015.

Throughout the club there are a number of steps and staircases which connect the different levels and areas within the space. These steps have greater potential as slip and trip hazards due to the low levels of illumination and the high numbers of people moving around within the club during open hours.

As part of the refurbishment, the in-house Health & Safety Management Team needed to comply with Health & SafetyRegulations by adding Stair Nosings.


Heavy Duty and Slenderline Nosings were specified by the in-house team to suit the different locations where they would be fitted. For safety reasons, the contractor went for the option of using Flexyfix adhesive as well as mechanical fixing for an extra strong bond with the wooden subfloor.

The white colour provides a highly visible step edge against the dark floorcoverings along with the slip resistance provided by the tread material. Based on tests carried out by Grip Potential Ltd adhering to the UKSRG, HSE and CIRIA guidelines on pedestrian slip risk assessment, all Quantum Flooring treads exceed the minimum requirement as per BS8300:2009 and HSE Publication.

Quantum’s Free measuring service, QSMS, was used and within 24 hours of contact by the flooring contractor and the nosings were then cut to size accurately to save time and waste, with stock lengths also being utilised via the distributor.