CASE STUDY: Office - HM Navy Dockyard in Portsmouth - Entrance Matting

  • Office - HM Navy Dockyard in Portsmouth - Entrance Matting
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Quantum Matting decks out the entrance to Ark Royal Building at HM Navy Dockyard in Portsmouth

The Problem

This approach needed an entrance matting system that would comply with Health and Safety requirements and effectively prevent moisture and dirt from being transferred to the main floor inside the building. An open construction would be needed to allow any water from bad weather to drain away. The matting also had to be wheelchair and caster-wheel friendly. Quite a challenge!

The Requirement

HMS Royal Navy Portsmouth asked Fareham based Smith Brothers Marine Flooring to assess the requirement. There was no existing mat-well, and due to the busy nature of the location there was no opportunity to create one. The new matting would have to be surface mounted. To be sure of the right specification Smith Brothers Marine contacted Quantum Matting. 

The Solution

Smith Brothers Marine Flooring called for the free QSMS measure service. A Quantum Matting surveyor was on site within 24 hours. The 10sq. m area was measured-up during working hours. The Quantum 10 mm Connect Open Construction Matting system (with black solid rubber inserts) was recommended, along with a solid aluminium ramp edge for the transitions. The ramp edge would also create a sturdy matwell frame. All this was ordered, delivered on time, and coordinated with the installation team to keep disruption to a minimum. The Quantum Matting ‘aid and assist’ service also meant a matting specialist was present on the day to help with any fitting questions.

The Conclusion

HMS Royal Navy Portsmouth had an entrance matting installed that was ‘fit for purpose’. Namely it was safe, reduced the risk of a slip, trip or fall, and helped prevent the ingress of moisture and dirt into the building. The open construction allowed surface water to drain through the matting grid.

Smith Brothers Marine Flooring was backed up by the Quantum Matting service that delivered a quality product on-time and to the right specification.

No hassle - job done! 


HM Navy Dockyard


Smith Brothers Marine Flooring