CASE STUDY: Education - Winchester University - Stair Nosings

  • Education - Winchester University - Stair Nosings


Winchester University was granted £15m for an exciting planning project to update five high-quality and affordable student accommodation blocks. This major construction refurbishment required specialist Stair Nosings to comply with Equality Act regulations (formally DDA), which places great importance on the product’s Light Reflectance Values (LRV), which assist with safety.

This student accommodation will have high levels of foot traffic causing the stairs to be vulnerable to everyday wear and tear; because of this a vital part of the project was to provide complete protection to the stair edge.


After testing various samples on-site, a cost effective Z Range profile was used with polar grey treads in compliance with the Building Regulation Guidelines. The ZHR1 Stair Nosings are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, whilst the slip resistant tread material provides an added safety feature.

As well as the Stair Nosing, UTP black 83 degree side angle stair edging trims were used. These unique pre-formed universal angles provided the perfect finishing for the step sides.

Quantum Flooring’s specialist ‘Secret Fixing’ method of installation was used to ensure less risk of dirt traps forming also to securely hide all screw heads. This method of installation is quick which was important as the refurbishment had to be rapidly completed outside semesters in order to be ready for the 2013/14 academic year.


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