CASE STUDY: Education - University of Southampton - Stair Nosings

  • Education - University of Southampton - Stair Nosings


The University of Southampton is internationally renowned – established among the top 100 universities in the world and rank ed in the top 10 British universities. With almost 25,000 students, it is the largest higher education establishment in the South East of England.

Quantum Flooring Solutions were tasked with supplying Stair Nosings throughout 5 blocks of the University buildings. Owing to the high levels of footfall throughout the blocks, the Stair Nosings were required to be highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

To prevent mis-steps and trip hazards for the many students ascending and descending between the different levels within each block, the Stair Nosings were required to comply with all Health and Safety regulations.


Within 24 hours of contact with Quantum Flooring Solutions by the contractor, a surveyor measured the stairs on all 5 blocks, and soon after, the Stair Nosings were cut and drilled. This prompt service is possible due to Quantum Flooring’s Free Measuring Service – QSMS. This guarantees responsive, thorough, and on-time delivery.

The University’s in-house Health & Safety management team specified the use of ZHR1 and ZF1 Stair Nosings on the step edges throughout the 5 blocks. The Z-Range Stair Nosings, with Polar Grey inserts, offer both value and peace of mind.

The slip resistant tread material is a vital safety feature in blocks with a high volume of students using the stairs every day. The Stair Nosings require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean.

For additional safety, the Stair Nosings were all fixed using Flexifix adhesive along with mechanical fixing, which ensured the strongest possible bond between the Stair Nosings and the concrete subfloor. All of these safety precautions mean that Southampton University can rest assured that the steps on the stairs in the University blocks are well and clearly defined.