Qwood Window Profiles

Qwood Window Profiles

Qwood offers a complete range of high quality glazing beads. Qwood works perfectly with timber to make a better timber window. Qwood reflects the natural appearance and feel of wood whilst having the beneficial properties of a composite, including being continually straight, not rotting and great long term performance. If you would like a free 'try me' sample pack of Qwood glazing beads click here. Qwood glazing beads offer the following benefits: 

  • - No knots or gaps to fill
  • - Easy to cut, fit and paint
  • - Works perfectly with Stegherr and Hoffman machines
  • - Cost effective substitute for traditional timber
  • - Use every piece straight out of the box
  • - Reduces preparation times
  • - Enhances production and processing
  • - Minimises product waste & defects
  • - Improves long-term performance  

Photo credit: West-Port Windows and Doors


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