Wet Room Accessories

Wet Room Accessories Image


Walls and floorcoverings in wet rooms need to be well sealed and finished at the edges, corners and joints between walls and floors. Quantum Flooring Solutions offers the specifier and contractor a package of PVC accessories that give a clean, hygienic and sealed finish to edges and corners in wet rooms. Thereby limiting the potential development of bacterial growth.

The products that make up the wet-room package are:

  • For internal and external corners: Internal Floormitres (CCFM1) / External Floormitres (CCFM2)
  • For wall and floors internal verticals: Cove Former (QCF35)
  • For wall external verticals: External Angles (EFA75) 
  • For joints between the floor vinyl and wall covering: 2mm Dim Strip (QT200)
  • For joints between wall covering: 1mm Dim Strip (QT100)