Treadsteps DC

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  • Adjoining Floor Type
    No Floor Covering
  • Material
  • Gold Anodised Finish

Hard wearing anti-slip rubber composite strips 8mm thick for setting into treads of steps and floors. Typically used with concrete, terrazzo, wood, stone and marble. Available in Black or Light Grey.

Treadsteps – Installation Guidelines 

Step No. 1

The surface or groove, to which Treadsteps will be applied, should be clean, dry and free from dust and loose particles. The specification for Stepline should be 1.0mm less than the width of the groove, and should project 0.5mm – 1.0mm proud of the surrounding surface. Treadsteps may be supplied predrilled for screw fixing with adhesive or undrilled for adhesive fixing only.

Step No. 2

The predrilled Treadsteps insert should be offered up without adhesive applied onto the prepared surface and the holes marked out. Remove the Treadstep insert and drill the prepared surface using a No. 6 drill bit. When drilling into concrete, a red plug should be used. Remove all dust and loose particles.

Step No. 3

Apply Q-Fix adhesive to the prepared surface. Follow the instructionson the adhesive container.

Step No. 4

Place the Treadsteps insert into the adhesive and apply pressure to allow full adhesive transfer and to remove any air pockets.

Step No.5

Using No. 6 screws fix the Stepline insert into the adhesive and use the caps provided to cover the screw head.


Always allow sufficient time for the adhesive to fully cure before allowing foot traffic.

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