Ecoglo Infill (0-9mm) - Use with S and H Range Stair Nosings

Ecoglo Infill (0-9mm) - Use with S and H Range Stair Nosings

Ecoglo photoluminescent stair nosings can be used to supplement electrical emergency lighting systems as the products are fail safe, operate immediately and do not require ongoing maintenance.

In poor or reduced light conditions Ecoglo slip resistant treads in Quantum stair nosing can help make a stairway safer. Ecoglo is a photoluminescent material which is charged and re-charged by both natural and artificial light. It glows in the dark when a light source is removed. Steps fitted with Ecoglo stair nosings will always have a clear contrasting band of colour; in all light conditions. Ecoglo stair nosings can be fitted on internal or external stairs.

The photoluminescent strip is activated by natural or artificial light and then emits a steady glow guiding people safely up and down steps in all conditions. The combination of the photoluminescent strip and the anti-slip material provides superior step edge definition whether you are in a fully lit, dim or completely dark environment. When people are confident of where the edge of the step is and in what direction to travel, movement is faster and easier.

Green Ecoglo products let you harvest nature’s sunlight or reuse your existing electrical light. Ecoglo uses recycled aluminium and a carbon neutral energy supplier. All products are non toxic and non radioactive and can be readily recycled.

  • - Photoluminescent stair nosing
  • - Meets all Build Regulation requirements if specified with correct nosing
  • - Specified world wide
  • - 30mins charge = 7.5hours visibility
  • - Fail safe lighting solution
  • - 10-year warranty
  • - Note: EcoGlo is available for S and H Range stair nosings. It is also only available in cuts for secret fixing.


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