Quantum Stair Nosings

Quantum Stair Nosings

Quantum uPVC and Aluminium Stair Nosings (stair edgings) help to make a stairway safe. As a slip resistant stair part fitted onto the nose of each step, they help to clearly define the steps on a stair when a contrasting colour to the stair floor covering is chosen. They also serve to protect the edges and floor covering on a stair, reducing the amount of potential wear and tear.

These two features have the benefit of helping to make a stair safer by reducing the risk of an overstep or fall, and are part of the guidelines contained in the Building Regulations (K&M), BSi documents and a BRE paper that embody the requirements of the Equality Act (2010).

The correct aluminium stair nosing (stair edging) for a given application depends on several factors. Gauge (thickness) of stair floorcovering, shape to match step profile, dimensions, tread cover, colour and LRV difference.

Quantum Flooring Solutions has tools that help end users, architects, specifiers, facilities managers and flooring contractors to select the correct profile for a given project. These can be obtained on-line at www.quantumflooring.co.uk or the specifiers A4 product guide or by calling 0161 627 4222.

  • Q-FIX Stair Nosing Adhesive

    Q-Fix is Quantum’s brand new cartridge adhesive, which can be used to fix the full range of Quantum Stair Nosings. It has excellent adhesion properties and will fully bond stair nosings to most step surfaces. Q-Fix has been extensively trialled and tested by flooring contractors and has already proven to be a quality addition to our product range. With&nbs  (read more...)

  • Recessed heavy duty Stair Nosing

    The Quantum Flooring recessed heavy duty stair nosings is fitted with a anti-slip silicon carbide insert to maximise product life. This stair nosing has been used in stadiums, university buildings and transport infrastructure across the country,  This stair nosing is designed to be fitted in  to a precast concrete step.

  • Q-Range Stair Nosing Aluminium (0-7mm)

    The Q-Range is a selection of aluminium stair nosings with an all-over tread design. A satin etched aluminium riser restricts glare. These are two guideline features from current Building Regulations and British Standards (BS8300:2:2018) that cover stairs in buildings with public, shared, or commercial access. These aluminium stair nosings help make stairs safer in ascent or de  (read more...)

  • Q-Range Stair Nosing PVC (0-7mm)

    The Q-Range of Stair Nosings has a selection of UPVC profiles that are available in 14 different colours. By selecting tread material the same colour as the uPVC carrier the resulting completed Stair Nosing is a continuous band of the same colour. This is a principle requirement of current Buildng Regulation guidelines and means that by chosing a S  (read more...)

  • H-Range Stair Nosing ( 4-9mm)

    The heavy-duty H-Range of stair nosings has a thicker gauge than the S-Range. The thicker gauge enables them to be installed with most textured floorcoverings, such as carpet and carpet tiles. They can be fitted in office, retail, leisure, education and healthcare buildings. Straight, rake and bull nose single or double channel profiles cover all step shapes. A choice of standa  (read more...)

  • S-Range Stair Nosing (0-4mm)

    The gauge range of the slenderline S-Range stair nosings is 0 - 4mm. They are installed on stairs that are fitted with vinyl or lino floorcoverings. They can be fitted in office, retail, leisure, education and healthcare buildings. Straight, rake and bull nose single or double channel profiles cover all step shapes. A choice of standard tread colours means a clear step contrast  (read more...)

  • DDA (Equality Act) Compliant Stair Nosings (0-2.5mm)

    Quantum Flooring offers a range of stair nosing profiles that provide best practice solutions to the Equality Act requirements of the BRE approved document M (formerly known as the DDA). These profiles provide a 55mm contrasting colour band on the nose and rise of steps and are available in both slim gauge and heavy gauge formats to accommodate all floorcovering types. Com  (read more...)

  • Flexible Stair Nosings (0-8mm)

    These flexible stair nosings are used when a quick and/or temporary fitting of a Stair Nosing is required. Supplied pre-boxed they are easily cut and trimmed on-site and can be fitted without waiting for fully cut and drilled measured stair nosings. They can be curved around gentle radii without templating, and are priced to give excellent value. However, they do not have the d  (read more...)

  • Z-Range Stair Nosing (0-6mm)

    This is a popular selection of stair nosings. Developed to meet the demand for good value in a competitive market place. They can be fitted in office, retail, leisure, education and healthcare buildings. Straight, rake and bull nose profiles cover all step shapes in both slenderline and heavy duty options. A choice of standard tread colours means a clear step contrast can be cr  (read more...)

  • Ecoglo Infill (0-9mm) - Use with S and H Range Stair Nosings

    Ecoglo photoluminescent stair nosings can be used to supplement electrical emergency lighting systems as the products are fail safe, operate immediately and do not require ongoing maintenance. In poor or reduced light conditions Ecoglo slip resistant treads in Quantum stair nosing can help make a stairway safer. Ecoglo is a photoluminescent material which is charged and re-cha  (read more...)

  • Plus-tread Infill (0-9mm) - Use with S, H and Z Range Stair Nosings

    A brand new extra grip slip resistant hard wearing Stair Nosing tread material. - Available on all S,H & Z range Stair Nosings - Extremely low slip potential in dry and wet conditions. Fully laboratory tested - Suitable for industrial, public and commercial environments - Standard or secret fixing options - Free measuring service call 0161 627 4222 to book - Click h  (read more...)

  • Treadsteps

    Treadsteps are easy to clean slip resistant inserts set into the treads of steps. They can be cast or set into terrazzo, granolithic, marble, wood or concrete stairs, ramps and floors. They are manufactured from a rubber composition which has slip resistant and hard wearing properties. They can be set in position at the time of casting, or bonded or screwed into pre-cut groves   (read more...)

  • Stairway Side Edging

    Stair edging trims, or angles, provide a safe and professional finish to the sides of steps on open string stairs. When installed they conceal the exposed edges of step floorcoverings and stair nosings. There are two stair edging trim options in aluminium or uPVC. Each is available in pre-formed angles of 90° for straight steps, and 83° for rake back steps. The trims ar  (read more...)



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