Dementia Friendly Flooring Transitions

Dementia Friendly Flooring Transitions

Key points to consider in dementia friendly design:

         I.  Tonal contrast is critical for materials to be seen against each other
       II.  Contrast can be perceived where there is 15 degrees of LRV or more between adjacent materials
     III. Both the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) and BS8300:2009 recommend a difference of 30 degrees of LRV between critical surfaces such as floors to walls and doors to walls and stairs.
     IV. Adjoining flooring should be tonally similar to reduce the risk of falls
      V. Flooring LRV’s should be within 10 steps of each other (less is better)
     VI. Transitions strips should match the tones of both surfaces with an ideal difference of 3 degrees of LRV step difference.




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