Capping Strips and Cove Former (Cap and Cove)

Capping Strips and Cove Former (Cap and Cove)

Cove former and capping strips are used together. They allow the floorcovering to be continued up the wall at floor to wall junctions. This produces a neat and clean finish which is important in wet and sanitised areas. The cove former profile is installed at the junction between the wall and the floor. This creates a hidden curved support for the floorcovering as it is formed over the junction and up the wall. A cap strip is installed where the floorcovering ends, providing a sealed finish to the installation.

Capping strips are available in flexible and rigid PVC to accommodate a range of floorcovering thicknesses. A choice of colours compliment design schemes, and once installed a cap and cove combination gives a low maintenance solution. A combined cap and cove profile (CCF1) is a good value option that saves fitting time



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