Insulated DPC

DPC's - DPC's are manufactured from solid polyethylene which conforms with BS6515. Both sides of the DPC have a gripgrid surface to promote adhesion and unity with the mortar. It is tough, flexible and suitable for use as a general purpose roll damp-proof course. Socks - Designed to prevent fire penetration, aid reduction of sound transmission and help maintain the thermal integrity of the insulation requirements under Building Regulations through wall cavity in both masonry / block and brick timber frame and steel cavity wall structures. 1.2m length of semi rigid ECOSE™ mineral wool slab fully encapsulated in a recycled polythene printed sleeve, supplied winged.

  • Insulated DPC

    Dacatie Building Solutions offer a range of Insulated DPCs for party wall junctions. Dacastop is a fire rated DPC with 60 minutes’ integrity, used at both party wall and floor junctions in cavities. DacaMultisock is an acoustic fire stop designed to prevent fire penetration and sound transmission at these junctions; it can also be used as a wall plate. Both are easy and e  (read more...)